Ready to go

You and your staff can get learning right away with over 300 soft skills business courses to choose from. These courses are all new and well researched, no more of the same old, boring content..

Latest Learning Methods

People learn differently these days and we know this! That's why the courses we recommend are fun and interactive. They're shorter than 15 minutes and made up of 2-3 minute animated videos. This makes them engaging and easy to get through.

Wide Variety

Our Ready to Go courses were developed with your business in mind and cover all areas, from Coaching and Leadership to Teamwork, Customer Service and Sales. We have everything you need and once you join, the new content keeps coming.


Create Your Own Courses

Even if you are not a training guru, we'll teach you how to make content quickly and easily. You can either import your existing PowerPoint, Word or PDF documents or record straight into the platform and instantly share with everyone that needs it.

Live Classroom Sessions

A Live Classroom Session is perfect when you need to share information AND take questions or have a discussion. You can do this on our platform and the best part is, you now have a record of ALL training in one place.

Create and Add Tests and Quizzes

Once you have shared your own content with your staff you can easily create your own quizzes, tests and assignments on our platform to test how well they understood you.



Live, user-friendly reports keep you up to speed on learner progress, branch progress, group progress or anything you can think of. This helps you make informed decisions on time. Any report can also be automated to land in your inbox daily, weekly or monthly, the choice is yours.


You can run your own surveys and get feedback from your staff making it easy to spot trends and make decisions in your business.


The CloudSkills user interface is one of the easiest to use and most effective out there. Great graphics make sense of all the data whether you are a learning professional or not.


Keep Connected

Keep your learners engaged by staying in touch when you can’t be there in person. Easily host video conferences, leave feedback, start discussions, send messages, and more.


With badges, points, levels, leaderboards and rewards, learning is transformed into something that is fun and exciting!

Deliver Learning On Any Device

Learners can access their courses from anywhere, whether they're at a desk, on the go, or even offline.